Jailbreak iOS 12.4.1 to 13 and iCloud Bypass

Hey Guys What’s up !!!
In today’s blog we are going to learn a very interesting thing for iPhone users who has got there Phone iCloud locked. We are going to unlock your iPhone even without your apple id.

You might have tried many videos and many blogs but still not got your answer !!!
So I have come with a solution and if you are reading this then I m assuring you will get iCloud Unlocked till this blog end.
Today we will learn about the windows procedure for iCloud unlocking.
For that you need the following tools and an iPhone 64 bit device :
1.    A Mac or Linux based machine (for jailbreaking iPhone ).
2.    A lighting cable for connecting your iPhone.
3.    A Windows based PC or Laptop (for Bypass)
4.    An iCloud locked device of yours.
Now Lets get Started :
First open up your Mac or Linux based machine so that you can jailbreak using Bootra1n or Checkra1n.
Remember Checkra1n is for Mac and Bootra1n for Linux.
Don’t get confused between both of these.

Download Link for Jailbreak:
Official website of Checkra1n: http://gestyy.com/w9OS0B
Download as per your operating system from the link given above.
Mostly of us are using Mac for Jailbreaking so I m attaching a screenshot how does it look like checkra1n.
Then open it and run the process for first time for jailbreak your iPhone.
Note : Jailbreak with checkra1n will only support 64bit iDevices from iPhone 5s to iPhone X. iOS 12.4.1 to 13 all versions.

Now press Start and then wait until you are told to enter recovery mode and then dfu mode.
Press Next Button on then your phone will enter first recovery mode then you have to put manually it into DFU mode.
After these instructions shown on your screen then press start and put your iPhone in DFU Mode by following the screen instructions.
Once you get the checkra1n exploit running successful then you got jailbroken.
Your iPhone screen will look something like this.
Press done. And Congrats you are Jailbroken.
But still you got the setup activation lock screen to bypass
Now Get to your Windows Machine
Now get the tool for windows
Download link
FRP iCloud Tool: http://gestyy.com/w9OStR
Then download this tool on to windows machine and unzip the file then you will get a folder named FRPFILE iCloud Bypass tool v2.1 .
Then there are two options win 32 bit and win 64 bit.
You have to open as per your operating system of windows version you have.
After you have chosen any folder as per your requirements. Windows will look something like this.
Then Click on the iOS13iCloudBypass.exe file then your window will look something like this.
Here choose your iOS version Carefully otherwise it will not work.
Then press Bypass and you are done.

But now you have to setup your iCloud Locked iPhone as a New iPhone, Please do not transfer any apps otherwise you get locked again.
Thanks For Reading and if you face any problem then you can comment down on my blog and my youtube channel as well I will revert back to you.

In next blog I will tell you how to download and fix app store of iCloud bypass device.
Congratulations and Thanks
Hope it helps
If you are getting any issue then see my Youtube Video for reference.

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