iOS Downgrade iPad 2 and iPhone 4s Method 2

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So, if you have read the previous blog of downgrading iPhone 4s and iPad 2 using 3u tools.
Now if you are not able to downgrade using 3u tools your iPhone 4s and iPad 2.
Then Today I will tell another process of downgrading your iPhone 4s and iPad 2 to iOS 6.1.3 or upgrading to iOS 8.4.1.
Both of iOS 6.1.3 and iOS 8.4.1 are Untethered downgrade and jailbroken.
So, if you want to downgrade then you are at the right place.
Things You Needed
1.                    A windows PC or Laptop
2.                    A data cable compatible with iPhone 4s or iPad 2.
3.                    A 3u tools windows version.
So, lets get started first you need to install jailbreak on iOS 9.3.5 or 9.3.6
To install Jailbreak for that you need an app called Phoenix.
Link given below for Phoenix app.
You can either using PC using cydia impactor or alt store.
Or Direct install on to your device by this website link.
I hope till now everyone is jailbroken if still getting any problems then do visit this video for jailbroken process.
Video link is down below both the steps are quite easy.

Now I hope all of you are jailbroken and installed cydia.  
Then open up cydia into your iPhone or iPad then you have to add a repo in cydia.
If you don’t know how to add then don’t worry, I will guide you.
In the first screen you see the normal cydia that had opened up then click on the second option in bottom of screen (sources) Then you can see the screen opened up then press the upper right corner (edit) button then press upper left (add) button then add the source.
Then now open the link and then skip ads and add the tihmaster repo.
This will be screen for adding the repo. After that open the tihmaster source
After you have opened the source click on the All packages.
Search for kDfu App, something like this.
Then open it and press modify > install on upper right-side corner of screen.
Now screen will look something like this.
Once you install KDfu App then press return to cydia, button will apper at bottom of screen.
So now exit to Home screen from cydia
Then open up kDfu app.
Note: Please download software before you enter kDfu app. Software download section given below.
iPSW as per your requirement:
Link for iPhone 4s OTA:

Link for iPad 2 OTA (iPad2,1):

Link for iPad 2 OTA (iPad2,2):

Link for iPad 2 OTA (iPad2,3):

Link for iPad 2 OTA (iPad2,4):

OK, Now enter kDfu App then set this options to active:
Then Press enter kDFU.
Now connect your phone using data cable to your computer and open up 3u tools.
Ok, screen will now look something like this on computer.
Then press on flash & JB After that go to pro flash tab and screen will something like this.
As you can see there is a tab of pro flash
Now click on import Firmware.
Then import OTA for idevice you have.
Now press flash. And then press flash anyway.

Note: This will erase all you data on device.
Ok, Now let the process gets finished.

So, after the process gets finished you have to setup the iPhone.
You have successfully downgraded the iOS
Last but not least you can jailbreak untethered by the following link in blog.
iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak:
iOS 8.4.1 Jailbreak after you update from settings:
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