How To Bypass and Jailbreak iOS 13.5

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In today's blog we are going to learn how to bypass iOS 13.5 in Windows.
Hey Guys what's up this is Motto to Tech and let's get started.
So first thing you needed is iCloud Locked iPhone (only supports iPhone 6S to iPhone X), that runs latest iOS 13.4.1 to 13.5
Now you have to Jailbreak, in case if you are not aware how to Jailbreak then see the video below the blog.
You Have to Jailbreak Via Checkra1n link below for download.
Checkra1n Jailbreak Link:
For Jailbreak Process you Have to connect your phone to Mac or Linux as there is no option for windows.
Now, Go to options button of checra1n that's on the side of start button.
Ok, Now check the first option  Allow untested iOS/iPadOS/tvOS versions. Like this:
Then press back on the bottom right side of screen.
Now connect your iPhone and press start, then press next, now you are in the recovery screen of your iPhone. Now checkra1n will tell to put it in DFU Mode (Manually) there are on screen instructions you can follow that.
Now press start and follow on screen instructions and you will be successfully jailbroken but still you will be on activation screen lock.
Ok, after jailbreak now switch over to windows.
Now download the tool link below.
Tools For iCloud Bypass iOS 13.5:
Now extract the following tool with winrar or any extractor.
Ok, Now you have two folders that is Pro Bypass and Pro bangla Bypass iCloud V5.
So you have to first go to Pro bypass and open the Pro Bypass exe file, Now you will see this tool.
Now press Activate iDevice then Close that tool.
Ok, now open the second folder that is Pro bangla Bypass iCloud V5 and open second folder named debug.
Now open the iCloud Bypass V5 exe file.
Now your screen will look something like this:

Then press Start Bypass.
If you see this screen then press Y that means Yes.
If you see this message on screen of tool that means you are successful in bypass.
Note: It is a tethered bypass means you need to jailbreak and require iCloud Bypass V5 tool each time you restart.
Thank You
If you have any problem then see the video for reference.

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