Activation Bypass For iPhone 64 bit on Mac

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In today’s blog we will be going to learn how to bypass an iCloud of your iPhone or iPad on Mac machine.
So before getting started you will need few things to get successful in getting bypassed.
1.  A Mac that’s running Mac OS Sierra or Later.
2.  A data cable for connecting the iPhone to Mac.
3.  An iCloud Locked iPhone.
So let’s get started
To get started with the process firstly you need to be jailbroken with checkra1n and this process is only for those who are on iOS 12.4.1 to iOS 13 all versions.
Now point to note this full process should be on a Mac.
If you don’t know how to jailbreak your iPhone then you should Check out my YouTube video for reference or even you can check my earlier blog post on how to jailbreak and bypass iOS.
Next lets started with bypass process on mac.
After you gone through jailbreak process you have connect the phone in activation lock screen or normal mode for bypassing the device.

Then download the apple tech 752 bypass tool from given link.
Apple Tech 752 Sliver tool :
Note this tool version should be 4.1 otherwise it might not work for you.
After you download the tool you have to go in download section of your Mac that should be in your dock or in your finder.
This Folder will look something like this.
You can now see there will be a folder named Sliver V4.1 Then you to open the folder and open the application file.
Screen will look something like this.

After opening the Sliver application your application will open and look like this.
Here you have Click on the very last option that’s More options.
After clicking your screen will look something like this.
Here you have to press the very first option that’s Bypass iOS 13.x.x
Now your screen should be looking like this.
Now press the first option that’s Relay Device Info.
Mac Screen should now have the screen message like this.

Now press the got it. Still you haven’t bypassed yet. But now the real magic will happen.
Just after pressing press option Second Make it Ra1n, Now Mac screen will again provide you with a message like this.
And this is our Final step after this you can go through setup screen if you are on still activation lock screen till now don’t get panic just press back and try to activate you will get through activation process like any other normal iPhone.
Please Note your phone should be set as a new iPhone and this process works only iPhone 5s up to iPhone X.
If you got into any kind of confusion then you can see my YouTube video Reference link at last of page.
Congratulations for Success
Link for Reference

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