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Hypermeet Reloaded

As all of you aware with that Bajaj has launched Dominar in month of December 2016  and made a group of Dominar well known as its showroom name like most famous name is bagga link bajaj. And in this group we do many kind of short as well as long rides like we will discuss in below lines about a ride that is well known as hypermeetup RELOADED.

Overview of Group

Group admin as we know that all can’t be admin or marshals, our admin and founder is a well known guy for bajaj, his name is Amar Shrivastva he has Dominar and recently he has done Hatu peak that is in Narkanda(Himachal Pradesh).Now talking about the group, this group is all about biking and biking related stuff and bikes that are allowed are only Dominar so we can see a class of Dominars when we hit the road with group.

All were Dominars !!!!

Rides I have gone with them they are really cooperative and Amar just awesome for taking care of things.We have another two guys in group who are mechanical very well sound they are Inderjeet Singh and Soni Varghese, they are not mechanic by profession but they have a passion to understand bikes. Both of them have their own channels on YouTube and I will provide their Channel link respectively at the end of this blog.

Brotherhood Biking....

Now talking about Hypermeet Reloaded it’s a meetup for all Dominar guys. Gathering of bikes was very good there were more than 150 bikes and people were coming from Jaipur with their Dominar to attend this meetup and when meetup take place it takes place in a huge amount. It took place on 25th March 2018 and startup or meetup point was BAGGA Link, Mahipalpur and Final Destination was Hans Resort, Rewari.


At the end I would like to conclude that it’s a very nice and well meetup , more importantly marshals were very cooperative and very careful over their group members. Lastly we were all awarded with certificates.

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