Bypass iOS 13.5.1 on Windows

Welcome guys to another iCloud Bypass Blog
In today’s Blog we are going to learn another iCloud Bypass with the help of a windows pc.
Download the tools from the link Given Below:
Activation 13.5.1 Tool:
Now Firstly use Checkra1n for Jailbreak your device if you don’t know how to jailbreak with checkra1n then read my previous blog.
Now If you are now ready with jailbreak and latest iOS 13.5.1 lets get into unlocking Process.
First Extract the activation Files to your Desktop or anywhere you want then Extract the other files as per your iOS version.
Now extract the files according to you iOS versions and then install it to default path it has.
This file you have to install.
Now after installation open the iActivation File from Desktop then click bypass.(Connect Device before clicking bypass.)
After Bypass it will take some time to bypass it and then your device will be bypassed.
Now Go to Checkra1n and Install Cydia.
Now after installing Cydia install Safe Shutdown tweak.
Now After installing safe shutdown tweak you have to go to settings and disable all options except for safe shutdown in power down menu.
Please Note: This bypass works 12.4.7 to 13.5.1 all the way but it is a tethered bypass as untethered bypass is paid.
This is Free method.
Hope you will find it helpful and if you had any problems then comment down it will solved within 24hrs to 72hrs.
You can view video for Reference.


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