Untethered Activation Bypass For iPhone 5


Looking for iPhone 5 Untethered Activation Bypass

Then you are at right place and at a right website, in the end of this blog you will get bypassed on your iPhone 5 setup screen.


Firstly, you need an activation locked iPhone it can be any model of iPhone 5 cdma, gsm, Global.


Then you will need latest firmware that it can be run that is iOS 10.3.4 now flash a fresh firmware on your preferred system can be mac or windows.


Ok, now after flashing firmware let it boot as we want it to be restored for the first time , now please go and setup your device like Wi-Fi and language, Region.

So as of now you are not bypassed now time for magic trick to be happen.


Now download 3u tools if you are on windows.

3u Tools: http://gestyy.com/w8Et60


On Mac you can now proceed on iTunes.


Put your iPhone 5 in DFU mode if don’t know how to do it then I m going to tell you the process.

·       Firstly, Shut down your iPhone.
·       After that connect your iPhone to your laptop or PC. Make sure that you have installed iTunes or 3u tools.
·       Now press and hold: Home button + Power button for about 10 seconds.
·       Release only Power button, but please hold on Home button for 10 seconds.
·       Then your iTunes or 3u Tools should detect your iPhone in DFU Mode.

Now flash the firmware again and this time put the phone in DFU Mode before its turn on for first time boot, you will do this after just flashing is completed.

Ok just after completed flashing and putting your phone in DFU mode successfully you are ready to bypass your device.

Now download Sliver 5.5 from link given below.

Tool Credits Apple Tech 752.

Sliver 5.5 Download: http://gestyy.com/erDUk9 

Downside of this tool is only that it can be used with mac only that too on High Sierra or Mojave not Catalina or Big Sur.

Now if you are on Mac then click on Bypass A6 Devices.

Now Click on iPhone 5 then press Switch to pwned DFU Mode Options are given there now press the second option load (This will load Ramdisk on your Phone).

Then run the relay device info the third option.

Then press Delete Setup.app Now your phone should be booting normally and show up apple loading screen. If it doesn’t then you might misunderstand any step.

If you are till now bypassed then Congratulations you are right on the home screen of your iPhone 5.


Thanks for reading

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  1. 752 Apple Tech create grate content! You can find not only Silver App but Also iRemove and CheckM8 Tool. That's tools also can bypass Activation lock on iPhone 5S up to X with enable Signal on it!

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