Ride to Lucknow

A Day Trip to Lucknow from Delhi
on bike
If somebody asks me that what does it feels like to visit Lucknow then I must share my experience for riding to Lucknow.
First let’s start with beginning of our journey, we start our journey from Delhi then we have to take the route towards DND Flyway Noida after that we have to come across Noida then,
We have to catch up with Taj Express way (also known as Yamuna Expressway).
And as I wanted to tell you guys that we think its very easy to ride on any highway but it is not as the Taj Expressway is made up of concrete.
Also, cherry on the top situation I travelled this path in season of summer so it was very hot and humid there outside. As I was travelling Non-stop, I even didn’t take many water breaks and that was my worst mistake ever done.
Road was perfect as smooth as butter I’m attaching a pic that was taken by me on my action camera during entry and while travelling on expressway.
As you guys have already noticed that I was travelling alone and my ride was Bajaj Dominar 400.
Road was all butter smooth as you can see in above pic.
But as many of you know that if we travel on concrete road then our tyre rubber got heated up as fast twice than a normal road.
So, I was only giving stoppage at fuel pump for 5 min and refuelling then kept on moving.
Please note there are fuel stations and refreshments at every 100km of distance.
The highway was getting monotonous and I was dehydrated but I didn’t feel that time.
It took me 7 hours to reach as it was my first time and I was diving at speed of 80km/h to cover the distance of 650 km from Delhi to Lucknow.
After I had reached Lucknow, I was feeling very tired so, I parked the bike in basement and went for a sleep.
That night my Mom and Dad also reached the flat and I was thanking them for reaching.
But next morning when I waked up I had tremendous back pain and stomach ache due to dehydration of my body.
Every thing I was eating my body could not even digest and I kept on vomiting, even I could not express my pain as it was hurting me so much.
Then my father had brought is car and I went to hospital and they said it was not a normal problem of stomach ache , the pain was due to gastric and it was increasing as I didn’t took sufficient breaks during ride it happened so the lesson I learnt we should take sufficient refreshment breaks.
Then I had some medicine and I was ok by next day so I decided to take my bike to office then I noticed that it was not me only who was suffering, but also my bike had suffered as well it carried me to Lucknow with any breakdown, now the problem was major as my tyres got busted it got serious damage from every place now I m showing you the pic of tyre.
Look at it how dangerous it is.
So final conclusion it that you must take sufficient fuel and refreshment breaks.
And try to travel in winters or in simple sentence avoid summers for a long ride.
And of course, if you are travelling on the both expressway you have to pay the toll for car and even two wheelers.
Toll rates given following:
1. Taj Expressway (Yamuna Expressway): 205 INR.
2. Lucknow-Agra Expressway: 295 INR.
Thanks, hope it helps

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