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Is it still usable?

iPad 1st gen

Talking about iPad 1st gen as you all know it was launched by Steve Jobs in the year of 2010 and it does not have any front or rear camera that means no facetime or video calling though you can play videos or see photos on it and also one can play games like temple run or asphalt without any hesitation, its available in one color in two variants one is wifi and another is wifi with cellular. But it does not have any calling facility, cellular data you can use for surfing web and download application from App Store.

Now taking a look at its specs, firstly you will notice a giant screen of 9.7 inch and it was launched in ios 4 which was upgradeable upto ios 5.1.1 . Talking about its chipset its powered by Apple A4 and CPU is clocked at 1.0GHz Cortex A8. And internal storage is 16/32/64 GB with 256 MB of RAM . As in above lines I had specify that it has no camera.
At that time it was costing around 24,953.88 INR which means around 310 Euro.
is still worth it???
Now talking about present usability we can still use it for playing YouTube, Music, Videos and also games this about entertainment other than that you can use it for doing Email and i-message and other surfing things but main problem or disadvantage you can say it is running on ios 5.1.1 which is totally obsolete and you have to install downgraded applications from App Store. But advantage is that its Jailbroken forever on ios 5.1.1 , and you can customize your iPad from cydia anytime .

Main Question is that is still usable in 2018?

But Now a days we have use many applications like facetime and video editing software so our iPad 1st gen is not capable of handling these software, so according to me if you are still using an iPad 1st gen in 2018 we should upgrade it. And rest it depends upon you and according to your usability.

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