Downgrade ios 9.3.5 to ios 6.1.3 or even upgrade to ios 8.4.1 || iPhone 4s || iPad 2 || 2019

How to Downgrade from ios 9.3.5 to ios 6.1.3 in iPhone 4s or iPad 2?

Hello friends today I’m going to teach you how to downgrade ios 9.3.5 to ios 6.1.3 or even upgrade in ios 8.4.1 via ota update. Firstly the things you needed you need not to be jailbroken on this devices.
Note: Please try at your own risk . I will not be responsible any of your Data loss or getting bricked. And also please do not try on iPad 2 2012 as it is not supported.
Things you needed are:

  •       Flashing software ipsw 6.1.3
  •       Tools like 3u tools or even iTunes will work
  •       Original Data cable for phone or tablet
  •       iPhone 4s or iPad 2

So let’s get started,

  1.        Firstly backup all your necessary things with iTunes to your computer, so if anything goes wrong you don’t have to worry.
  2.             Second grab your ipsw from the link and choose your product iPad 2 or iPhone 4s whatever you have just grab ios 6.1.3 for that devices or even easier method just grab 3u tools from link and grab your iDevice in DFU or recovery mode.
  3.            From Grabbing DFU MOD or Recovery mod you have to hold power and home button continuously for 10 seconds after screen goes black just leave power button and start holding home button until you see iTunes logo in your iPad or iPhone or wait till your computer detects it automatically.
  4.         If you are working on mac go in iTunes and press command button to select your custom ipsw, If you are windows user then press shift button and then select your custom ipsw that is ios 6.1.3 .
  5.          If working on 3u tools the its easy as it automatically says to easy flash and download ipsw from 3u tools only as there is option of download. Note: It will not bypass any icloud step.
  6.         After flashing your ios 6.1.3 then go through setup process of iDevice after that you want to upgrade ios 8.4.1 just go to Settings and then General and then Software Update and you will see an update of ios 8.4.1 .
  7.         And that’s it now you can download youtube on ios 8.4.1 and play on it as if you can’t play it earlier in ios 6.1.3 or ios 9.3.5 .

If you have any query related to these steps please see my you tube video for that and please subscribe to my youtube channel : 

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